How To Become a Role Model Of Your Child .

´´My dad is my source of inspiration. And I have always found him to be the role model in most of the situations of my life’’.

              ”The first School is a home”

I am writing this article with my own experience while upbringing my son. And before that I am also some one’s daughter. I, like everybody have passed through various stages in life to become an adult mother. And the life I have spent so far has taught me these things that I am going to express here. These points don’t have any references but are my own thoughts and ideas that I have implemented while upbringing my two children.
Every people on this planet have their source of inspiration or are influenced by some body in their life. And when we listen to any interviews of people on screen or anywhere else we hear them mostly saying things about their source of inspiration.
To become a parent is an amazing experience in life. From the day we become mother or father we start to plan about the future of the child. Depending on the circumstances of the family, some turn out to be very inspiring and example family while others don’t. And I don’t think that anybody disagrees on the fact that ´´ A house is the first school for any children’’.
What ever they see and learn from their parents or family members will be the base of their moral value and attitude that they use it while they go to the outer world which we call a society. Parents play an important role in the child’s development and learning. Everything you and your child do together will teach important lessons that will help them grow and learn about their world.
So to make my points simple, I have written them in steps starting from the early child hood till they reach maturity.

  • Toddlers learn from sounds and movements. Since they cannot speak or act on their own, what ever they learn is, the sound they listen and the things they see moving. So the types of toys we give them and the way we talk to them is going to be the base of their learning process.
  • From the age of two and above is very crucial as the child’s brain is very active. They catch everything they see and hear.
  • What ever the children learn at this age is going to play a major role for their school days. Developing child’s literacy skills at home can be far effective than what they learn by formal education in School. In another word, the foundation of School life begins at home.
  • So toys that teach them the alphabets, numbers will be very effective. Apart from this parents can also take part in their learning process by asking them questions like what are this and what is that.
  • Reading aloud the alphabets, numbers can be very effective at this stage of child’s life. I used to let my son watch some educative videos. And in my surprise, I found out that by the age of three he already knew alphabets A-Z and also the words that each alphabets represent. And the numbers from 1 till 20.
  • Modern life has made us all very busy in our daily life. But spending few minutes to play with the children at home, reading simple kind of books and singing rhymes with them before bed time can be very effective in their learning.
  • While going to the grocery shops. Asking them the name of the fruits and vegetables can be very effective.
  • While walking on the road, asking them the colours of the cars parked on the side of the road can be very helpful to let them understand the colours.
  • While crossing the traffic light, teaching them the colour of the light and the rule to follow the traffic colours will be very smart idea to make our children safe on the road.
  • Being an Asian mom, I had a habit of feeding my son by myself till the age of three. And because of this he didn’t know to eat by himself. He had to suffer a lot when I took him to the kindergarten where they have to eat by themselves. So it is better to let them eat by themselves at home. This makes them self dependant and confidence.
  • At the age of three, it is better to let them put on and take off their clothes by themselves. And this includes the shoes as well.
  • We must let them do some easy tasks at home. Like putting the toys back after playing, close the door, put their clothes in right place. But we need to show that we support them by praising them after they complete their task.
  • Every moment the parents spend with their child, the child learns something new. So taking out time for a walk or taking them to the park for playing will give them an opportunity to learn about the society and its importance.
  • As I said above, that the children learn from what they see and this will never stop. So if you want to teach the child how to care for others you have to be the role model. We can do this by hugging each other to show love. Try to be there when they are in pain and not happy.
  • By the age of five and above, their brain is fully matured. Most of the children are already smart enough to understand the environment in family and around the society. So parents must be aware of what the child should know and what shouldn’t.
  • There is no family on this planet that doesn’t ever have discussions in family. But avoiding any kind of quarrels in front of the child will be the best idea to develop positivity in child. Remember that what ever the child sees at home, tries to use it out in the social life as well.
  • For any children, parents are the teacher of moral value and attitudes. And if you want to be the source of inspiration to your child, be ready to sacrifice a lot …….










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