Confidence is the key point for any one’s success in any field. And no one is born with this quality. It is to be built as we grow in our society. It’s a different story that some develop this skill which eventually leads them to the success while others don’t, which affects lots of things in their life. Because a talent is not a talent until some one dares to go out in the world and show it or prove it. And to do this, one needs to have lots of confidence. To become a mom first of all is a huge challange. Especially while living abroad and if there is no one to support. This is even harder for the single moms and those who are having this experience for the first time in life. And for those who are in career building process as a mom, need to know how to build self confidence in order to become successful both in family and profession.
Being a woman and a mom, I would like to share some of my own experiences here in this post on how to develop self confidence as a mother. I don’t think anybody disagrees that we women are the key role player in the family. Raising children, taking care of the family members and also being involved in some kind of profession can only be done by a woman. And Life can really be hectic if all these things are to be done by a woman at the same time. And who ever manages to do these things at the same time should be a woman who really has huge confidence in herself.
And for those who are still trying to figure out how to develop these skills, I have mentioned them below. I will be very happy if I will be able to help some one by sharing my experiences.

(1) Maintain your physical fitness: – Health is wealth. Being healthy and sound makes us feel strong which lets us feel confident who we are. And who wouldn’t like to be attractive isn’t it? So, out of your busy schedules, take out some time for your health. Try to maintain stress free life by relaxing and exercising. Be aware of what to consume and what not to. Remember, it is everything that we eat will make us what we look like. It will be lot easier to develop self confidence if we maintain our physical fitness and personality.
(2) Be socialised: – Being socialised helps us to be updated about the society and the world around us. Be in touch with the family members, relatives and friends. Choose some of them with whom you go along well to be your best friend. Do not hesitate to ask for help when you need and always be ready to help others. If you do this, you will be well known around that itself gives you some kind of strength and makes you feel confident.
(3)Utilize social media in a right way: – Being in social media sometimes is taken negatively. Which I don’t agree. Social media is not only about having fun or wasting time. Being involved in these platforms can help develop inter personal skills as well. This, in another word is a form of building self confidence.
(4)Follow Successful people: – Learn from the success of others. Try to gather information about the things they have implemented to become successful. If possible choose a good mentor and learn from that person. Try to take as much responsibility as you can. More you do more you learn. And more you know more confident you are.
(5)Manage your time properly:- We all have 24 hours of time in a day. All those people whom we know as the most successful people in the world also have 24 hours with them. Doing things in priority will help manage time for every activities. Most of us might spend our time at home watching some TV serials. This happens mostly in Asian countries that women spend time watching the serials mostly about the mother in law and the daughter in law (family politics). Instead of this, watching programs that could actually inspire us or educate will help to develop self confidence. I highly suggest every one to watch mostly talent shows.
(6)Be Honest and Disciplined: – We all know that honesty is the best policy. Do not fear to say NO. And fight for your rights. Do not compromise with anything if you know that you are right. At the end of the day, truth always wins. A person who is always honest and disciplined has nothing to fear about. And when there is no fear, confidence comes automatically.
(7)Learn to correct your mistakes: – From time to time, look at the mirror and ask yourself. Who you are and what do you think about your self. If you can look straight at your face proudly then you are at the right path. If you see something is lacking, then try to figure it out and correct it. If you have made mistakes try not to do it again. If you have hurt some one do apologize immediately. Keeping your heart clean will help you develop self confidence.
(8) Don’t compare yourself with others: – It is sometimes good to compare yourself with the successful people only if you also try to follow their path. But, mostly people might get frustrated by the fact not being as success as the other person. So, it is better not to compare with anybody and be yourself. Instead, set goals and work to build the foundations of that goal. While doing so, you know about the facts to reach that goal. This helps to develop confidence in you.
(9) Don’t miss the success celebrations of others: – Becoming part of these kinds of celebrations will re energize you. Celebrate your small achievements and include others to be with you during these kinds of celebrations. Sometimes a small praise from the mouth of others is what needed to give someone a jump start energy. Remember that confidence and energy are closely related to each other.

There are lot more things one can do to improve self confidence. The points above are the main things i have seen that one should work on to build self confidence. Also the reality is that there is always ups and downs in life and career. If you reach the height of success, never forget where you began. Treat every one with equal respect. Because no body knows the future. The person whom you under estimate today might be more successful than you tomorrow.

I hope you will like and agree with what i am trying to point out here. Your comments and opinions will be highly appreciated.

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  1. Hello I am from Australia, I am really glad and learning a lot from your blog. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Hi Hermanoa, i’m glad to know that you’re liking my articles. Thanks a lot

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