Till 3 years old

According to my own experience while upbringing my son Abi, I’ve noticed that till the age of three, kids pass through three stages. At the first year we just need to focus on what pulls their attraction. Colour of the toy, the sound that each toy is equipped with.

Since, kids hardly move from their place. I would like to advice parents to take special care while choosing the toys. Till the first 8 months, they normally don’t hold any toys. And if they do, they just put it straight to their mouth. So special precaution should be taken while giving them anything to play with.

     I never used to let my son play with any hairy  or very tiny toys that could easily fit in his mouth.

After the kids pass the age of one year, they would like to actively take part in grabbing, touching and pulling anything that comes in their vicinity. Some kids start to walk at this age. But since they are still vulnerable and don’t have full strength in balancing their body, special care should be taken while giving them the toys. They actively would like to bite anything at this age. So toys that are safe for the babies to bite would be very good. This kind of toys can help babies while their teeth are developing.

I would like to advise parents not to give them too many toys to play at this age. Since due to curiosity kids like to walk around more at this age. Too many toys around them can obstruct their way while walking and can cause them to fall very often. Any sharp edged toys should be kept away from kids at this age.

After 18 months of age, toys equipped with the music of nursery rhymes can be very effective for the kids. Toys that are equipped with the sound of the numbers like 1,2 …3 and alphabets A,B…C  can help them develop their knowledge.

(In this audio, you can hear Abi singing with his dad at the age of 2 and half)

My son at the age of 2 already knew the alphabets A till Z and A=Apple  till Z=Zebra. And also the numbers from 1 till 20.