Till 5 years old

Children from the age of 3 till 5 are the most interesting according to my own experience. Since kids are rapidly developing their understanding skills, collecting information about the things around them. It can be clearly understood how the kids are doing on the basis of  how they play, learn, speak, behave, and move around. So, parents should not be annoyed about the child’s repeated innocent questions on things around.

      Physically most of the kids are very active. But mentally innocent. Apart from learning while playing, kids also learn from what they see. So, taking part while they are playing and guiding them helps them to be more interested about the things they are doing.

Child psychologists say that parents should at least spend 10 minutes with the child on their interest otherwise the child will loose their interest slowly.


Running, jumping hopping around like a crazy is common at this stage. They should be able to ride a tricycle, kick a ball, hang on the pole. So i advise parents to focus mostly on providing toys for out door activity. This helps them to develop physical and mental strength. Outdoor activity can also teach them on how to be socialised and learn from others. Some of the examples of toys for this aged kids can be seen on the right side of this page.

1656094_1521992504709485_8295717236902762221_n1Very important thing to note is that while the kids are playing out door, they should be continuously supervised. Let them cycle, run and play always in a safe place. Away from the traffic and from time to time check the safety standard of the toy they are playing with. 

Children should be provided with playing equipment like light balls,plastic bat( base ball,cricket, batminton, table tennis). But it is always better to understand the interest of each individual and let them make their choice.

If the child is afraid of doing some activity or play. Do not ever force to take part in the activity or forcefully play with any toy. It is very important to take care of their interest at this age. Slowly as they grow more mature, they will adapt themselves and overcome the fear they had.  

Even though out door activity is vital at this age, indoor activity evenly plays important role for the child’s mental, emotional and  intellectual development. They would like to write on paper and paint. 

Oh yeah. I forgot to mention that my son has totally changed the looks of the walls in our home. Since due to his immense interest in  planetary system , it is common to see circles drawn all over the walls in our home.